The Importance of Self-Care and Keeping Your Resilience Cup Full

When I first heard “Take time for self-care,” I immediately thought, “Seriously, have you seen my schedule? Do you have any idea of the responsibilities I carry?” The idea of self-care has been preached for years – especially to women – from legitimate medical sources to unrealistic (and sometimes harmful) wellness marketing. And while most everyone recognizes its importance; it can feel more like an unjustifiable luxury than a necessity.

Leadership During a Paradigm Shift

“When a paradigm shifts, everybody goes back to zero,” Joel Barker, futurist. I remember when I first heard this phrase. It was the early 1990’s and I was just completing my internship with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of the quality management movement in Japan and then here in the U.S.

A paradigm shift had occurred then as U.S. manufacturing raced to change its approach to quality and employee engagement. A paradigm shift has occurred again today. COVID was the catalyst.

Introducing Remarkably Resilient®

Remarkably Resilient® workshops, presentations and keynotes are anchored by the experiences of three sisters who survived a childhood of incest and abuse. The story of the three Harnish sisters offers participants an opportunity to explore the healing role that individuals and communities can play for people recovering from childhood trauma.


I just finished reading the book. It’s amazing.

I found it hard to read and at the same time hard to put down.

I cried. I reflected. I was inspired.

It was so thought-provoking, I thought about my own childhood, and where my resilience came from. I thought about the homeless people I see every day and now wonder what their childhood was like and how that shaped their brains and their lives. I thought about how brave you and your sisters were to have survived and thrived. I thought about how brave you all were to have written this. It couldn’t have been easy to relive the stories and to put yourselves out there for others to learn from and act on.

Sara Holtz
Author, Advice to My Younger Me: Career Lessons from 100 Successful Women

William Joel Wright


I purchased your book this week.  I am halfway through it.  I am so moved by your story.  I can relate to sections of each sisters’ story and how each responded.  I want to say Thank You to each one of you.  I believe that when we are vulnerable enough to share our stories, others find the courage to face theirs.  Telling our stories takes the power out of the shame so many of us carry and allows us the power to own our story instead of allowing it to own us!  Thank you for being such champions.  I have much respect for each of you.  You are changing lives!  Big Hugs!

Judi Rodman, MS Ed, LPC
President and CEO
Sunflower House, Inc.