Sharon Borde

Sharon and her sister Karen’s story of sexual and emotional abuse helps us learn there is no single pathway to recovery. Although identical twins, each sister had to find her own way through the trauma, shame and isolation. Neither fully sharing what was happening in the hope that they could protect the other. Their resilience, strength and courage helped them heal and confront their past.

Sharon Borde lives in Rio, Wisconsin. She enjoys living in the country with her husband Dennis, her son Kyle, and their family cat Marcus. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, boating, camping in Northern Wisconsin at their cabin, and being near her friends’ horses whenever possible. She has worked in IT recruitment for over 30 years and she plans to spend retirement helping children with dyslexia, volunteering at the local schools, painting, and writing the novel that’s been in her head for years! She plans to engage with her sisters to work on a documentary about incest in hopes of bringing attention to the issues, and to help others heal and thrive. Sharon earned her BA in English and History from Pittsburg State University; Pittsburg, Kansas.