Karen Dickson

Karen and her sister Sharon’s story of sexual and emotional abuse helps us learn there is no single pathway to recovery. Although identical twins, each sister had to find her own way through the trauma, shame and isolation. Neither fully sharing what was happening in the hope that they could protect the other. Their resilience, strength and courage helped them heal and confront their past.

Karen Dickson lives in Clintonville, Wisconsin in the summer and in Tucson, Arizona in the winter with her husband Lyle and dog Rodeo. She also loves to spend time at their place in Door County Wisconsin during the summer, where many of her friends and family, including her children and grandchildren, visit. She works as an IT recruiter and is a practicing Reiki master. Karen spent several years volunteering as an EMT in rural WI and working in the emergency room as an ER tech. She encountered individuals who were in traumatic life situations (physical and emotional) and felt called to learn more about the neuroscience of trauma. She studied Nursing at MATC in Madison WI. She enjoys kayaking, traveling, being around horses, and watching sunsets. She has a genuine love for meeting new people and getting to know their life story. Her dream is to open a multi-disciplinary facility to help others heal from past traumas.

Karen presents Remarkably Resilient workshops and keynote addresses, as well as Remarkably Resilient Together® workshops. She is also certified as a HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) facilitator.