I wanted to thank you and your sisters for your incredible presentation at the conference last week. You each shared so powerfully and I was honored to be in the space with you all. The way you outlined the presentation was so impactful and you did an amazing job highlighting the different ways that you each responded to the trauma you experienced. Hearing about Bill and about Boy the dog was absolutely moving. In the Office of Victim Services and our batterer intervention program, we talk a lot about “Enlightened Witnesses” – those people (or pets) that got us through the hardest of things, that saw us and loved us and who we could be our whole, imperfect selves with. You all spoke masterfully about enlightened witnesses. I’m so grateful you included that piece in your presentation.

I was also so so moved by the relationship between the three of you. It was such a gift to hold space with you as you spoke vulnerably, belly laughed and supported each other. You modeled resilience and provided such a hopeful space.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s powerful and healing and I’m grateful. Please pass my thanks and gratitude on to your sisters, if you have the chance.

Take care, Kathleen!

Audrey Cress
Director of Victim Services|
Kansas Department of Corrections